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First Sequoia can give you immediate cash as soon as you enter into a transaction.


$25K Cash Advance

Access up to $25,000 in advance of receiving your lump sum payment when you enter into a transaction with First Sequoia.


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We’ve worked with thousands of customers, providing the one-on-one personalized service and streamlined process to quickly improve your financial outlook.

First Sequoia’s Structured Settlement Process


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We want to understand your needs, clarify your situation, and propose custom solutions that meet your goals. We will give you straight talk about your payments, help you make a smart decision about what to cash-in and what not to cash-in, and walk you through a simple process to get you your money.


Complete Your Paperwork

Once you decide on the best option for you, we will handle all the paperwork. You will receive your contract package as quickly as the very same day, review it, meet with a notary to sign it and send it back to us for processing.


Obtain Approval

As soon as your paperwork is returned, First Sequoia will make sure that your transaction is processed exactly as your state and insurance company require. Your Annuity Specialist will keep you up to date throughout the process and ensure you are prepared to appear in court if necessary.



As soon as your transaction is approved we will immediately prepare for funding, including verifying whether you will want your money wired directly into your bank account or if you prefer a check be sent to you by overnight mail.

Structured Settlement Experience

The leadership team at First Sequoia has been working with structured settlement recipients for more than a decade and has always served the clients best interest; even when it means recommending that you not sell anything. While other companies are selling you what they want, First Sequoia is focused on what is best for you – and that’s good business.

Contact your First Sequoia Annuity Specialist to see how we can get you the cash you need.


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