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Learn more about our unique process of selling your lottery payments.

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How long does the entire process take?

It depends on your state. Generally, the process takes a total of 5-10 weeks. It can be more or less depending on your assigned court date, receipt of lottery acknowledgement, and other circumstances. Your Winner Specialist will know all the details.

How soon can I receive an advance?

Once First Sequoia receives all documents, information and lottery verifications necessary for filing the petition, the advance will be wired to your bank account or a check will be sent to you via FedEx.

Are there any fees associated with this transaction?

No. There are NO transaction fees. At First Sequoia, we do not charge any processing or origination fees. It’s part of our commitment to Doing Compassionate Business.

Why does this go through court?

The court process provides protection for you as the prize winner. The court confirms that, among other things, you have received the required paperwork and are assigning payments under your own free will.

What is a lottery acknowledgement?

It is a necessary certification informing First Sequoia that the state lottery has changed its records in response to the approved court order. It’s the last step before First Sequoia wires you your money.

What if I need more money?

Not a problem. First Sequoia is here to help you with all of your cash needs. Just call 1-888-988-4538 and speak to your Winner Specialist.

Do I have to sell everything?

In most states you have the option to sell any amount you wish from any payment or payments. You don’t have to sell it all and you don’t have to sell a fixed amount.  Your Winner Specialist can give you all the details about the particulars in your state.

Do I have to appear in court to sell my lottery payments?

In some states you will need to make a court appearance in order to sell your future payments. It really depends on which state you won your prize. Your winner specialist will have this answer for you.

What if I have sold payments before to another company?

Even if you have sold payments before, First Sequoia can help you.  You are not locked-in to doing business with anyone just because you took a loan or did a transaction before.

Assigning your future lottery payments, and a list of states that allow it:

If you are lottery winner and are considering selling some, or all of your future payments, you will need to know if your state permits you to do so. In fact, there are only 29 of the 47 states with lotteries that allow for it. Here is an alphabetical list of those states in… Read More

Is the process also the same for casino and sweepstakes prize winnings?

The process is very similar. We can explain the slight differences and walk you through it. Contact a Winner Specialist today to get started.

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