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Why sell my structured settlement?

Most people sell a structured settlement to meet financial needs and advance their lives. You can use the money for hundreds of reasons, such as purchase a home, start a business, buy a car or pay off debt. When you talk to your Annuity Specialist, they will help you structure a transactions that is right for you.

Is selling structured settlement payments allowed in my state?

Yes. You are allowed to sell payments in accordance with the laws as outlined by the applicable Structured Settlement Protection Act and as approved by a judge in the state where you live.

Can I sell just some of my payments?

Yes. You can sell a portion of one or of many of your payments. Exploring your options and crafting a transaction that is right for you is what our Annuity Specialists are trained to do everyday!

Do I need to talk to a lawyer before selling my payments?

Some states require that you talk to a lawyer before you enter into a transaction, but we always recommend that you obtain independent legal and financial advice regarding your decision to sell payments. At First Sequoia we are focused on doing compassionate business, and that means always doing what is in the best interest of the client, every time.

Will I have to pay taxes on the lump sum I receive from selling my annuity payments?

No. Just as your structured settlement payments are non-taxable, so is the lump sum you are paid through the court order process.

How long does it take to complete my transaction?

Typically, it takes 45-90 days to go through court process and receive your funds.

What ID and other documents do I need?

You will need a copy of your settlement agreement, annuity policy, and a copy of your driver’s license (or other form of personal identification) to begin processing your transaction. If you have lost any documentation your Annuity Specialist will know the best way to get copies or guide you to successfully obtain new ones.

How much are my structured settlement payments worth?

Depending on how far out in the future your payments due are how much each of them are will determine the value of your lump sum. Your Annuity Specialist will help you examine numerous options so you only sell exactly what you need to in order to accomplish your goals, while keeping the most that you can.

Is the structured settlement transfer a loan?

No. When you transfer payments you are selling their future value for the retail value today. If you need a loan or advance we can also help you. Just tell your Annuity Specialist what you are seeking.

Can I decide to spend my money differently?

You maintain control of how your money is spent once you receive it. However, the court must find that you are accessing money for reasons that are in your best interest.

Do I have to have good credit to get approved?

No. Your credit score does not matter

Can I sell my Life Contingent payments?

In most cases, Yes. The process is a bit different because the payments you are seeking to sell must be insured, but many people sell these payments every day. Your Annuity Specialist can give you all the details.

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