Who We Are

For over a decade our team has helped annuitants positively transform their personal and financial futures by strategically cashing-out a portion of their payment stream. First Sequoia is focused on doing compassionate business and that means making thoughtful considerations about how a transaction will impact each customer’s unique situation. We develop a genuine appreciation for our customer’s financial lifestyle that allows us to craft solutions that give them the security and income they desire from their win.

On your very first call you will find us to be credible, genuine and expert in our field. You will also find us to be highly personable. We will arrange to sit with you face to face and even share a meal together, because nothing is more important than getting to know each other before discussing your personal finances.

Our Impartial Service Pledge

At First Sequoia we go beyond taking a personal approach to serving our customers by pledging to always do what’s in the customers’ best interest, even when it means recommending that you don’t do a transaction.

We realize that making good personal decisions about what to cash-out and what to keep, can be just as difficult as finding someone to talk to that is both knowledgeable and trustworthy. We also understand that you are often alone making these decisions, as those close to you can find it difficult to remain completely neutral about your money.  Our impartial approach of always doing compassionate business is what gives our customers the ability to make the best decisions for their future, without undue pressure.

While other companies are selling you what they want, First Sequoia is focused on what is best for you – and that’s good for business.


Short Term Loans

First Sequoia can give you a low interest loan up to 100% of your next after-tax payment.


$250K Cash Advance

Access up to $250,000 in advance of receiving your lump sum payment when you enter into a transaction with First Sequoia.


Weigh Your Options

Examine how getting cash from your payment stream will affect your future today, tomorrow and down the road. It’s FREE and you have nothing to lose!


Understand the Numbers

At First Sequoia we will show you the numbers and clearly explain how the value of future payments are calculated.


House Payoff Program

See how much you could save if you paid off your mortgage today.  You may be able to keep more spendable cash from your payment stream!

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