First Sequoia Puts You First

Doing compassionate business. It’s what raises First Sequoia high above the rest. When others are selling you what they want, First Sequoia is focused on doing what’s best for you. We help you get immediate cash when you want it, keep more spendable cash for tomorrow, and secure your future today.


Immediate Cash Today

First Sequoia can give you immediate cash as soon as you enter into a transaction.


Short Term Loans

First Sequoia can give you a low interest loan up to 100% of your next after-tax payment.


$250K Cash Advance

Access up to $250,000 in advance of receiving your lump sum payment when you enter into a transaction with First Sequoia.


Weigh Your Options

You can sell just a portion or all of your payments.  Compare your current financial picture to what it would look like if you got cash from your payments.


Understand the Numbers

At First Sequoia we will show you the numbers and clearly explain how the value of future payments are calculated.


First Sequoia takes the time to fully understand your needs and present you with custom solutions that secure your goals and keep more money in your pocket. Doing compassionate business means doing what’s best for the client every time, and that’s what First Sequoia is all about.


House Payoff Calculator

See how much you could save if you paid off your mortgage today.  You may be able to keep more spendable cash from your payment stream!


Call us today and explore how getting cash from your payment stream can benefit you. Talk to a Annuity Specialist now!


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"People get one chance to do right by me, and First Sequoia did just that! They came out to meet me in person, and got right to the heart of what mattered most - my financial security. I did a transaction that cleaned up my debt and let me sleep better at night. Thanks!"
Shawn C.
"First Sequoia made my job easy by doing theirs extremely well. They put together a creative structure that achieved the exact result I would have prescribed for my clients -- they have my recommendation"
Bill P.
"I called First Sequoia after shopping for quotes on selling it all. They helped me sell just enough of my payment stream to buy a house in cash, and keep enough to fund my retirement. Thank you."
Michael T.
"First Sequoia is a breath of fresh air. They stay focused on getting the customer the very best deal and making sure they understand the transaction process."
Mary G.
"We sat down with First Sequoia wondering how we would ever get right side up…They helped us consider options we never thought of, clearly explained how everything works, and guided us through the process."
John S.

Industry Experience

The leadership team at First Sequoia has been purchasing structured settlements & lottery prizes for more than a decade and has always served the clients best interest; even when it means recommending that you not sell anything. While other companies are selling you what they want, First Sequoia is focused on what is best for you – and that’s good business.

Contact your First Sequoia Annuity Specialist to see how we can get you the cash you need.


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House Payoff Calculator
Find out how much you'll save when you payoff your mortgage today.
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